Watchlist - Your favorite company lists

A watchlist is a list of your saved companies. 
You can create as many watchlists as you like.
It's an quick and easy way to save and work with your favorite companies.
Watchlists are available under all company pages and in the screener.

1. Add new list.
Create a new watchlist.

2. Edit list.
Edit existing Watchlist.

3. Your saved watchlists.
Click on a list to filter your saved companies.

Create/Edit Watchlist page

Start by naming the watch list. Choose a name that is as short as possible. You can then filter companies or search companies using the quick filter.

The companies you want in your list appear in the new field when you click on them (once).
Click ‘Create New List’ when your watch list is complete.  


Manage Watchlist in MyPage

In MyPage you can delete and edit your Watchlists.