Dividend strategy

This strategy finds good dividend stocks based on eleven different criteria. It looks for companies that have a good dividend history, cash flow and profitability, yet at the same time have not been unfair to stockholders through the dilution effect. 
You can see the company's score, ranging from zero to eleven depending on how many of the criteria the company meets. The companies are also sorted based on the value of the company.

Dividend Quality

1. Dividend History

2. Dividend Growth

3. Payout ratio

Dilution effect and Cap size

4. Increase of the number of shares

5. Market value

Cash Flow

6. Free cash flow margin

7. Operating cash flow margin


8. Profit Margin

9. Return on assets


10. Yield

11. P/E

Historical performance 

You can test how the strategy has performed historically and also see a detailed history of what companies were bought and sold each year and what yield you would have received. You can also select dates, the number of companies, reinvestment of dividends.
Finance & Property Industry is not included as this does not fit the formula.