Cancel membership

End your monthly subscription

You can end your monthly subscription at any time. 

As soon as you start a monthly subscription, you'll see a "Cancel the recurring payment" button under my Page.
When you press this button you will end your monthly subscription.
You are still a member until the current timeperiod ends.

Restart Monthly Subscription

If you cancled your subscription, then you can restart your monthly subscription at any time.
You will be informed if you still have time left this month, or if you need to buy a new period.

Change your credit card information

Important - Börsdata don't store any credit card information.  All credit card data is stored at DIBS, our payment provider.

You will be sent to DIBS where you enter your new creditcard information.

Cancellation for direct payment

Direct payment ends automatically when the premium period ends. 

You choose if you want to extend your premium by making a new payment.