Key ratio table

Through the ratio table you can see the key indicators with a quick and easy overview of the history of each key Ratio. At the same time, there is an industry average for a more efficient comparison with the other companies in the Industry. For most companies with a sufficiently long report history, you can develop a 10-year history on key performance trends.
Ratios table



Update of key ratios

The key figures are updated quarterly in connection with when the companies release their interim reports and financial Statements. Stock prices are updated daily. This always gives current and updated key Figures. In addition, the latest key figures are always calculated on rolling 12-month Values. Which means that it is calculated on the last four rolling interim reports and financial Statements. 
You can see the latest update both in the reporting period and share price directly below the ratio Table. 
Last report
Growth ratios
There are five different growth ratios on the key ratio table:
  • Sales growth
  • Profit growth
  • Dividend growth
  • Growth on equity
  • Free Cash flow growth
Growth ratios can be found directly in the key ratio. For example, payout growth can be found directly below the ratio dividend. By clicking on the key ratio and you will get a new window. Where you then choose Compare Industry. There is the latest Year's dividend growth, dividend growth for annual growth between 1 to 10 years and comparison of dividend growth in all companies in the same industry.
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