Google Sheets Addon

This service requires an API Key & Google Sheets.
API Key is only available to 12/24 month PRO members.

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Börsdata Google Sheets Add-on is a plugin that you install on your personal Google Sheets account.

Once the Addon is installed, you will have access to new features for calling the Börsdata API and downloading data to your Google Sheets.

You have access to all data from the API such as Stock prices, report data and key figures. You can build your own calculation, graphs and dashboards.

Analyze data for the Nordic region

  • Share prices for the Nordic region. Up to 20 years of history. (EndDay only, Not Intraday)
  • Report data for the Nordic region. Up to 20 full-year reports or 40 interim reports.
  • Almost 300 key figures with history.
  • More than 2000 Screener values.

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