Börsdata Terminal

Börsdata Terminal is the next step in our journey to build the Nordic region's best stock analysis platform.


We have rebuilt the entire platform in the latest technology with the focus on the entire analysis being done on the same page. Everything starts with the screener and the companies you filter out.

Now the entire width of the page is used to display much more information. 

You can have up to 30 ratios in the screener and we will add a lot more data during the jurney.

It should be easy and quick to create watchlists and saved filters. Here we have spent a lot of time on improvements. You can also share watchlists and saved filters with your friends through quick links.

Everything is not ready. Many pages are still under construction.
Therefore, the current Börsdata will remain until the Terminal is ready to take over the job.

Does my current account work with the Terminal?

Yes. It's the same login. If you log in to Börsdata you will also be logged into the terminal.

Is the terminal mobile-friendly?

No. Our focus is to build the best desktop experience possible.
A mobile adaptation of the Terminal is very difficult and requires that we compromise what we can use in desktop.

Do my watchlists work in the Terminal?

Yes. The watchlists are the same. You can jump between Börsdata and the Terminal.

Do my Saved Filters work in the Terminal?

No. Börsdata and the Terminal cannot share Saved Filters. 

This is because we in the Terminal save more data and have different versions of Saved Filters.