Graham strategy

The strategy has a selection method to find stable companies that fit well with the defensive Investor. 

The strategy comes directly from the famous book The Intelligent Investor-Benjamin Graham. Chapter 14 - "Stock Selection for The defensive Investor". 

The method of selection is that the companies should meet as many as possible of the seven Criteria. In screener you will see a score from 0 to 7 depending on how many of the criteria companies Meet.  

  1. Size
  2. Financial strength
  3. Earning stability-requirements for profit
  4. Dividend History-requirements for the dividend
  5. Profit GROWTH – Total profit growth
  6. Moderate P/E ratio
  7. Moderate Equity Price

Historical performance 

You can test how the strategy has performed historically and also see a detailed history of what companies were bought and sold each year and what yield you would have received. You can also select dates, the number of companies, reinvestment of dividends and deselect the Finance & Property Industry that does not fit the formula..