Börsdata API

Only for PRO members.


As Pro Member you can apply for access to Börsdata API (Application Program Interface).
The API give you the possibility to automatically download data to your own application.
You can download stock prices, company data, report data and key figures from all Nordic companies.


Why API?

The advantage of an API compared to Excel / CSV files is that your program downloads data in a data format (json) that can easily be used by your own system. The API gives you the possibility to download data, but it is your program that determines when and how the data will be used.

How do I use an API?

To use an API you need some programming skills.

Our API sends data in JSON which is a standard format for data.

On our GitHub page, we have client code to get you up and running quickly.
We have sample code in C#, Python, PHP, Java and Javascript. 

How do I get started?

You need to be a PRO Member and apply for an API Key.
The API Key is what identifies you and will be sent with all requests.

You apply for API on MyPage in the API tab.

Can I use the API in Excel?

Yes, but using JSON data directly in Excel is not easy.

An API is not built for excel, but for a program that downloads and modifies the data to a suitable format. Therefore, you usually need to write your own program that downloads data via API and then converts the data to excel.