Screener overview

The screener is the fastest way to analyse a group of companies.

Quick search 

Find one or several companys.

Use ',' to add more companies - apple,abb,hm


Save you own company lists for quick filtering.

Company filter 

The company filter allows you to choose one or more countries at the same time. 
You can filter on Country, List, Sector or Industries.

Key ratios menu

andra aktiefiltret i screener

You can select 8 different KPI in the screener. Each KPI can have a low/high filter. 

Key ratios details


1. Open KPI selection window.
Select what KPI you like to see.
Open a new window where you select your KPI.

2. Filter Low and High values.

Set a minimum and max value for this KPI. Hide all companies outside this range.

You need click UPDATE button to see changes in table.

3. Preset kpi filter.
This is a list of preset filters that is intended to give you a quick start.
If you like to filter P/E and see a good min/max filter you can select the preset P/E filter.
We have set the values for you.

Export screener result to Excel or CSV file 

Export the screener result to Excel or CSV format.

Company Analyze button 

This button will open a new window on top of screener with company data.
Here you can select what you like to see and then toggle screener company.
This is very fast way to analyse alot of companies.

Intraday update On/Off 

Intraday updates make the screener adjust values and blink different colors.
You can turn this On/off with this button.

Load and Save your screener settings

Save you your settings and KPIs.
Have several saved screeners so you can analyse different aspects of a company.

Open preset Screener Strategies

It's difficult to know what Kpi to combine in the screener.
So we created "ready to use" screeners for you.
Open strategy window and select a screener that fits your need.

Reset screener to default values

Clear all values back to default setting.

Reload the screener data table 

Take your settings and recreate the datalist with companies and Kpis.
This needs to be pressed to see all changes.