Adjusted Net-Net strategy

Important. Read this before investing in Strategies.

The Magic Formula and Net-Nets have a very high risk.

Therefore, it is extra important that you do your own analysis of the companies shown in the strategy page.

Net-Net is the most famous strategy developed by Benjamin Graham. 
At Börsdata, we have adjusted the strategy to suit the companies of today. 
A Net-Net is a stock that trades at a lower price than the company's current assets minus the total liabilities. 
(NCAV = Net Current Assest Value)

##How is Net-Net calculated?* All values in inventories and fixed assets are added up. All liabilities are then subtracted. The value that is left is converted to assets/stock and is then divided by the stock price. The companies that are below 100% are valued lower than their assets. 100% means that the company's assets are equal to the market capitalisation. 

##The best stocks right now!  This list shows the companies that have the lowest NCAV and are the most worthy of buying according to the Net-Net calculation. A low NCAV means that the company is valued lower than its assets. 

Historical performance

You can test how the strategy has performed historically and also see a detailed history of what companies were bought and sold each year and what yield you would have received. You can also select dates, the number of companies, reinvestment of dividends and deselect the Finance & Property Industry that does not fit the formula..