Börsdata's Terms of Membership

These terms apply between Börsdata Sweden AB, organization No. 556903-5487 (“Börsdata”) and users of Börsdata’s web service (“www.borsdata.se”)(“the website”) along with its appurtenant services (“The services”). By signing a membership you agree to accept these terms.

  • The term user refers to anybody who uses Börsdata’s website; visitors with and without a membership.
  • The term free member refers to users who have free account but is not a paying customer.
  • The term paying member refers to users who have a current Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership.

1. Registration of Membership

In order to become a Member (Free) and Premium, Pro, Pro+ Member (Paying customer) you need to register your email address and password. By registering, the member confirms that he/she is a natural and legal entity and that the Member is over 18 years old.

It is not permitted for several persons to share one membership. Creating an account is free but in order to gain access to more services the user needs to pay for a Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership.

In order to become a Premium, Pro, Pro+ member you need to make a payment (See “3. Payment”) or get a free premium code.

2. Login information and password

All users who register on the website become a member and has the option of becoming a Premium, Pro, Pro+ Member. All users create their own user name and password and this information is personal for each individual user and you is not permitted to share your login information and password with other people.

Violation of these terms may result in immediate termination of the membership.

3. Payment, Cancellation and Refunds

3.1 Payment options for Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership

At Börsdata there are two payment options available to the user when becoming a Premium, Pro, Pro+ member for a set time period. These are Monthly subscription (See “Monthly subscription”) or Direct payment (See “Direct payment”).

Monthly subscription and Direct payment cannot be used in the same time period. The user must terminate a subscription before selecting a different payment option. Payments for Monthly subscription are handled by NETS.

Direct payments are handled by NETS or PAYSON payment provider. Börsdata does not save any full credit card information. Börsdata save the last 4 creditcard digits and expire-time to show user what card is registrered. All credit card information for a payment is saved by the payment provider.

3.2 Monthly subscription

If you choose to pay by Monthly Subscription, your Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership at Börsdata will automatically continue on a month to month basis until it is canceled. Unless you do not cancel your membership prior to the monthly renewal date you approve that the subscription fee for next month is charged to your payment method (See “Cancellation” below).

You will find information about your Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership on our website by clicking the link My Page.

3.3 Invoicing for Monthly subscription

The subscription fee will be invoiced each month to your Payment method on the calendar day that corresponds to the first day of your paid subscription. In certain cases the time of invoicing may be changed, for example if your Payment method has not been confirmed or if your paid subscription started on a date that does not exist in a given month.

Visit our website and click Invoicing information on the page My Page if you wish to see your next payment date.

3.4 Payment methods for Monthly subscription.

You can change your Payment method by visiting our website and clicking the link My Page. If a payment is not charged because the Payment method has expired or because of insufficient funds or something else, and you do not change your Payment method or cancel your account, we have the right to cancel your access to the service until we have received a valid Payment method.

For certain payment methods, the issuer of your Payment method may charge you a foreign transaction fee or other fees. Contact your Payment method provider for more information.

3.5 Cancellation of Monthly subscription.

You can cancel your Monthly subscription at any time you wish. You will have continued access to your Premium, Pro, Pro+ membership until the end of your monthly invoicing period. Börsdata does not give refunds or credit for started months.

Go to the page My Page and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription. If you cancel your subscription your account is automatically canceled at the end of your current invoicing period. If you wish to see when your account will be canceled, visit My Page.

3.6 Direct payment

Direct payment (Also called “Fixed time or Pre-payment”) means that the user pays for a fixed time period at a fixed rate.

Direct payment does not require an active cancellation of the membership and the service is automatically canceled immediately after the payment period ends.

The user keeps the account after the payment period has ended. The account users gets to choose if user wishes to renew the membership.

3.7 Refunds

A refund may be paid in connection to the 14 days right to withdraw or if the service has not been delivered to the user the Member is entitled to a refund of paid expenses.

3.8 Price adjustments and subscription changes

In accordance with the consumer’s right to withdraw, refunds may be given up to 14 days after the date of purchase, or, to the extent that it may be considered that the Service has not been provided to the Member, the latter shall then have the right to a refund of the fees paid.

3.9 Changes to Price and Subscription

We sometimes change our subscriptions and adjust the price of our service. However, all price adjustments or changes to our subscription will apply to you no earlier than 30 days after you have been notified about this via email.

4. Information delivery

The service consists of information that is delivered only through the website.

5. Immaterial property rights

All financial information and all immaterial property rights, trademark, graphics and design that occurs on the website are the property of Börsdata or Börsdata’s data providers. The user may for private use and without direct or indirect profit interest download, process and analyze data. Furthermore, the User may publish data without direct or indirect profit interest on blogs and social media to a limited extent.

Börsdata’s products, services and data may not be used directly or indirectly for profit-making purposes. Börsdata’s products, services and data may not be used by companies as a basis for analysis.
Companies or users with a profit interest must contact Börsdata in order to obtain written consent to use data from Börsdata.

6. Risks involved with financial instruments

Placements in financial instruments are linked to financial risk and there are no guarantees that capital that is invested in stocks and funds will be profitable or, in a worst case scenario, that you get it back from a sale. The user is responsible for the risk and should therefore acquire information about the terms that apply to trade with such instruments, and about the qualities of the instruments. Placements or other positions in financial instruments such as stock is done at your own risk. Börsdata cannot in any way be held responsible for any investment decisions that result from the financial information on the website.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 Through its website, Börsdata only provides financial information and technical solutions intended to make it easier for the user to make his/her own analysis. Börsdata does not provide advice or buy and sell recommendations or individual stocks for the stock market in general nor other financial instruments. The service is based on objective facts and does not contain any assumptions or advice on what to buy. Each individual visitor or paying members makes his/her own assumptions and evaluations and therefore Börsdata cannot be held responsible for any investment decisions and consequences that may result from information on the website.

7.2 Historical and most recent information and key figures on the website may fluctuate heavily depending on what date the estimates were chosen for the stock price and currency rates that change on a daily basis. Visitors and members need to take this change into regard as information and key figures are affected.

7.3 Financial values and key figures can be calculated in a number of ways. A large part of the financial information key figures on the website are directly affected by what calculation methods we have selected for the individual values, key figure or method. Therefore it is not entirely correct to compare financial information and key figures from the website to other financial sources that may be using different calculation methods. This is a problem that visitors and payment members need to take into consideration and is not something that Börsdata is responsible for.

7.4 Börsdata is constantly working to ensure that the website is correct, complete and updated and therefore Börsdata collects its basic information that is available on the website from the annual reports and interim reports of the listed companies. Börsdata can therefore not be responsible for any errors that arise in the respective reports of the listed companies.

For quarterly reports, Börsdata is also entirely dependent on the quality and details of the content of the interim reports, which fluctuate heavily depending on the listed company. Therefore, Börsdata cannot be responsible for a certain lack of information in some financial values and key figures. Nor can we affect and be responsible for delayed updates of financial information and key figures on the website when the respective companies choose to publish its latest annual reports and interim reports. Therefore, Börsdata’s updates for financial information and key figures on the website is entirely dependent on the listed companies’ own updates to their financial reports.

7.5 Börsdata offers historical financial information and key figures to users and paying members on the website. It is important to remember that financial history and key figures are a part of the total analysis in evaluating financial instruments such as stock, but that it should not be used as the only basis for decisions in important matters.

Therefore, visitors and premium members must make a total analysis that takes into consideration other important factors that cannot be made only through a fundamental analysis and key figure evaluation.

7.6 Börsdata cannot be responsible for technical errors caused by a third party’s Credit card or Internet bank.

8. Force Majeure

Börsdata is freed from its obligations to fulfill this contract regarding historical financial information and key figures when the following events is the cause of Börsdata not being able to fulfill the entered contract: events of war, natural disasters, labor disputes, decisions made by authorities, circumstances that result in higher costs and comparable events that are not controlled by Börsdata and which could not have been reasonably foreseen.

9. Change of terms

Börsdata may from time to time make changes to these terms or services. Please visit this information and check on the terms periodically. If after the changes have come into effect you still continue to use the service it means that you approve of the change. The design of the service itself on the website can be changed without special consent or notification.

10. Choice of law and dispute settlements

Any disputes over the contract between the Member and Börsdata should be settled according to Swedish law in a public court of law. In applicable cases, according to the rules of the National Board for Consumer Disputes, the Member has the option of first approaching the National Board for Consumer Disputes in order to have the dispute tried.

11. Personal data

11.1 The User and Börsdata agree that the User is the data controller and Börsdata the data processor in relation to all personal data that Börsdata processes in order to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement. The User shall ensure that all required measures have been taken (and continue to be taken on an ongoing basis when required) to ensure that Börsdata’s processing of any personal data is carried out in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) of the European Parliament and Council (EU).

11.2 Börsdata needs to store data about the User in order to administer membership and payments. The data which is stored is User name, email address and the IP-number which the User employs for each payment. The User name and email address are necessary for logging in and communication. The IP-number is necessary to fulfil legal requirements concerning the payment of VAT to the EU (MOSS).

11.3 The Börsdata website and databases are hosted by Microsoft Azure, in Irland.

Privacy policy

Personal data

Börsdata protects your personal privacy and strives to protect your personal data as well as possible at all times. Among other things, this policy helps you to understand what kind of information Börsdata collects and how it is used. By approving the policy on the website in connection with purchase or providing information, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the following.

Börsdata Sverige AB (556903-5487) is data controller for the processing of your personal data.

Which personal data do we process and how do we use your personal data?

We process the personal data you provide or have provided to us, or that we have collected on the website through the use of cookies, in order to administer your purchases and fulfil our commitments to you as a customer.

The data which Börsdata processes is User name, email address and the IP-number which the User employs for each payment. The User name and email address are necessary for logging in, purchase and communication. The IP-number is necessary to fulfil legal requirements concerning the payment of VAT to the EU (MOSS).

The data may also be used for customer research and newsletters as well as internal statistical purposes. The information may be also be used to send out emails unless you have reserved yourself against this. You may contact us to discontinue marketing towards you as a customer at any time.

If all or part of Börsdata’s business is sold or integrated with any other business, your personal information may be disclosed to our advisors, any buyers and their advisors, and forwarded to the new owner of the business.

Börsdata uses the advertising services of both Google and Facebook.

How are your personal data protected?

In order to ensure the safe storage of the personal data we process, we have introduced a number of security measures: We have SSL certification technology for browsers and robust one-way password encryption. The website and databases are further protected Microsoft Azure’s own security measures.

How long will my personal data be stored?

If you consent to becoming a Börsdata registered customer/member, your personal data will be stored until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe as a customer at any time by contacting Börsdata by mail.

Access, updating and correction of your personal data

Under applicable data protection legislation, you have the right on one occasion per calendar year to receive, free of charge, details of the personal data held about you, irrespective of how these have been collected. If you wish to have such information, you must submit a request to us in writing. In accordance with applicable data protection legislation, such a request must be signed by you and submitted by post to the address given on the website. It may not, in other words, be sent by email.

You are entitled to revoke any consent for processing personal data at any time.


The Börsdata website may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy applies only to Börsdata’s website. When you follow a link to another website, you should read the personal data policy that applies for that site. Note that Börsdata is not responsible for the processing of your personal data by other websites.

Amendments to the Privacy policy

Börsdata reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time to the extent to which amendments are necessary to correct any interference or to fulfil new legal or technical requirements. Any amendments to this Privacy policy will be published on the website.


Read about our cookie policy in the Privacy page.

Last updated 2021-08-16