Börsdata Excel Plugin

Excel Plugin requires an API Key, Excel and Windows.

API Key is only available to 12/24 month PRO members.


Download plugin from Github.


Excel Plugin allows you to download stockprices, report data and Kpis directly to Excel.

Create your own dashboard and import the latest data every time you open Excel.

You do not need any programming knowledge but can directly access all our data via API in Excel.

  • Stockprices for the entire Nordic region. Up to 20 years of history.
  • Report data for the entire Nordic region. Up to 20 full-year or 40 interim reports.
  • Nearly 300 key ratios with history.
  • Over 2000st Screener values.

Get all instruments and companies

Get all the instruments with the latest stockprice, industry, sector and list.



Get Stockprice

Get up to 20 years of share prices.


Get Reportdata

Reportdata yearly, R12 or quarter. Up to 40 interimreports.

Get Screener kpis

Close to 2000 kpis and calculations from screener. 
Copy Excel function directly from Terminal into Excel.