Intraday price movements

Intraday means that Börsdata shows stock prices movements on a daily basis.

A company can make hundreds of trades that are sent to Börsdata that show these changes during the day. This not the same as End-day, which is only updated when the stock market closes.


At Börsdata we show intraday for Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

We do not have access to the Norwegian stock Exchange.

Delayed data

Intraday is 15 minutes delayed.

This means that every trade on the stock exchange is delayed 15 minutes before it is sent to Börsdata.

TA - Tradingview

Intraday in Tradingview works for Premium and PRO members.

In Tradingview you can see the stockprice change during the day. 

You can see Intraday from 1minute to 1hour.


Many key ratios are calculated with the company's share price

When the share price of a company changes, the screener calculate all these key ratios.

The company flashes in the screener when the share price changes.
Green is positive and red is negative.

You can select to see the Inraday update with the On/Off button..