Important. Read this before investing in Strategies.

The magic Formula and Net-Nets have a very high risk.

Therefore, it is extra important that you do your own analysis of the companies shown in the strategy page.

There are five investment strategies that are based on well-known, successful investment methods.

  • Magic Formula,
  • Graham
  • Dividend
  • Net-Nets
  • F-Score

For each strategy you are provided with a list of the best stocks that offer value according to the latest updated values.

Backtesting strategies

All strategies can be backtested with different settings for up to 15 years’ historical performance. Backtesting can be performed with different numbers of companies, stocks from different indices and countries, as well as different time periods. 


Detailed trading history

It’s also possible to view detailed trading history, percentage growth and total value for each individual transaction.

Details buy sell

The best stocks right now

Each strategy provides lists of  the ‘best stocks right now’ list. 

You can customise strategies by adjusting the rules.

The best today