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Date:2024-07-18Time:17:29:00Latest report:Q4-2023List:First NorthTicker:DWF
Market Cap:50 meurEnterprise Value:38 meurNet Sales:24,9 meurEarnings:-0,70 meurEmployees:0ISIN:FI4000513015


10-year key figure history for Digital Workforce turnover, profit, dividend, equity, PE and PB.



Price movement for Digital Workforce with index and moving average MA50 and MA200.

Price/MA200:25,5 %
RSI (14):51,5
Price/MA50:1,4 %


Digital Workforce is a Finnish Intelligent Automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services provider. According to the Management, based on a competitive environment survey carried out by the Company, and research company Forrester, Digital Workforce is one of the leading service providers specialising in RPA and IA on an industrial scale in terms of revenue, service offering, customer referenced and head count. Digital Workforce helps its customers to automate knowledge work tasks and business processes with IA through its digital workers. Digital Workers are software robots that are in essence automated team members that execute business processes precisely, tirelessly and with fewer mistakes than human workers – with no significant changes to the customer’s existing systems. Digital workers have superpowers based on RPA, Artificial intelligence and cloud services, which make them fast and efficient.

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