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Date:2024-07-24Time:17:29:40Latest report:Q1-2024List:First NorthTicker:IMP A SDB
Market Cap:2 625 msekEnterprise Value:1 720 msekNet Sales:1,70 meurEarnings:-22,6 meurEmployees:0ISIN:SE0014855029


10-year key figure history for Implantica turnover, profit, dividend, equity, PE and PB.



Price movement for Implantica with index and moving average MA50 and MA200.

Price/MA200:42,8 %
RSI (14):65,6
Price/MA50:18,5 %


Implantica is a medtech group committed to providing effective care for serious health conditions and improving patient quality of life by bringing advanced technology into the body. Implants are medical devices that are inserted into the patient’s body and are intended to remain in place permanently or semi-permanently, and may be passive, or unpowered, as well as active, using electrical power provided by a battery. Implantica has developed a broad, patent protected, product pipeline based partly on their two platform technologies. To bring advanced technology into the body, an adequate energy supply is required which would require very large batteries, therefore, Implantica has developed a wireless energising platform to supply energy to the body through intact skin. In addition, eHealth functionality is necessary to be able to monitor important treatment and the progression of the disease and to communicate to the caregiver.

Medical Equipment