Financial overview

Comintelli financial report data and keyfigures. History for income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.



Comintelli is a Swedish software company founded in 1999 as a spin-off from Ericsson. The company has developed and licensed a cloud-based service for external monitoring and analysis called Intelligence2day. The service is used today by both smaller companies and larger global organizations. These customers use Intelligence2day to more easily navigate, and create meaning and insights from, an ever-growing amount of information. Intelligence2day is particularly suitable for companies operating in industries characterized by a high rate of change and extensive volumes of unstructured information. For these companies, it is of great importance to identify trends, threats and opportunities at an early stage, and to adapt their own business strategy accordingly. Comintelli's customers are particularly found in industries such as chemistry / energy, pharmaceuticals / healthcare and IT / telecom.

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