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Date:2022-07-01Time:18:00:00Latest report:Q1-2022List:First NorthTicker:FERRO
Market Cap:967 msekRevenue:130,4 msekEarnings:-38,0 msekEmployees:7ISIN:SE0012229920


10-year key figure history for Ferroamp turnover, profit, dividend, equity, PE and PB.



Price movement for Ferroamp with index and moving average MA50 and MA200.

Price/MA200:-4,2 %
RSI (14):57,8
Price/MA50:-0,8 %


Ferroamp Elektronik AB is a Sweden-based technology company. The Company provides the EnergyHub system, a patented technology that improves the utilization of the solar power while increasing the output of the system. The EnergyHub system includes ACE (Adaptive Current Equalization) functionality and an integrated energy storage that continues utilizing the power modules after sunset. The system communicates with all the system components gathering relevant information for optimize the energy flow between solar panels, energy storage, and the grid. Through a power inverter, the system converts the DC (direct current) energy from the solar panels and energy storage into AC (alternating current) energy that can be used in the building, sold to the electric grid company or charge the batteries in the energy storage. The system allows the integration of solar cells, energy storage, small-scale wind and electric vehicle charging.