Estimate data from SME Direkt

Börsdata cooperates with SME Direkt who delivers consensus estimate data. 

SME Direkt monitors over 200 Nordic Companies. 

For these companies you will find estimate data on Börsdata.

The estimate page and screener have:

  • Analysts profit expectations.
  • Forecasts (estimates) for key ratios.
  • Compare the company's actual performance with the previous year.
  • Compare the company's real performance to analysts expectations.

About SME Direkt

SME Direkt was formed 1994 as part of the news agency directly and consists today of about ten economists and analysts who follow together over 200 Nordic Companies. 

SME Direkt puts significant effort into ensuring quality assurance of the information contained in the forecasts that form the basis of consensus. SME Direkt has the most widely used consensus service among players in the nordic market. 


Who has access to the estimate data?

The latest report home page is available to all Visitors.

To get access to more detailed information and key ratios in the screener, you need to be a PRO member.

For more information, See the pricing Page.